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A Message from the CEO

In almost 25 years in the mortgage business, we have generated and funded millions of dollars of residential, commercial and SBA loans. I started my career at Great Western Bank in New Hall, California in 1986 and moved to Coast Federal Bank as a Senior Loan officer in 1988. Working for two major banks as a loan officer was a big challenge for me and I learned a lot about the mortgage industry. I was soliciting potential borrowers through real estate offices as well as taking care of the walk in customers.

In 1990 when I received my California broker license, I had a wealth of experience and a big network of returning clients, which was my major source of referral. In March of 1990, I established Northwest Financial Network as a California corporation and started my new career as an independent mortgage broker. Within the last 25 years the mortgage industry has gone through a lot, from tough manual underwriting to very shallow underwriting–in the easy qualified loan program era–to a complete automated restricted underwriting in the last few years after the 2007 financial crash.

Fortunately the legislatures forced new rules and regulations for the mortgage industry after the crash including the creation of an organization called NMLS, which controls the activities of the independent mortgage brokers. As a result the mortgage brokers who were in this business seasonally without any deep knowledge of the mortgage industry are out and only hard-working, honest brokers have remained. We are proud that we went through all those changes and phases, and today we can say that we have been in this industry as a persistent honest mortgage broker company.

At Northwest Financial Network our top priority is to take loan applications, for purchase or refinance, at our office or at your place, and process them as fast as possible. In this volatile market, it makes a lot of difference if you get your loan approved as soon as possible. When you get your loan approved, you can take advantage of the market and lock your interest rate when it’s desirable to you.

Bijan Shahrokhi, Owner

Bijan Shahrokhi, Owner